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  • 01/19/2017 05:30:13

    Netflix Share Price Hits New High as Subscribers Approach 100 Million

    Netflix added a third more subscribers than expected in the last quarter of 2016.

  • 01/06/2017 09:18:57

    Battered bitcoin slides another 12 percent after China warning

    LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin plunged by as much as 12 percent on Friday after China's central bank urged investors to take a rational and cautious approach to investing in the digital currency, which is on track for its heaviest two-day drop in two years.

  • 01/06/2017 00:01:42

    J&J, Actelion approach Swiss takeover board over deal structure: paper

    ZURICH (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson and Actelion have asked Switzerland's takeover board about the viability of a complicated takeover deal the U.S. healthcare company is discussing with the Swiss biotech firm, newspaper Tages-Anzeiger reported on Friday, without saying how it got the information.

  • 01/05/2017 09:33:57

    KaloBios stock jumps on news of positive guidance from FDA on rare disease drug

    Shares of biotech KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc. surged 8% Thursday, after the company reported positive guidance from a meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding its benznidazole, a treatment for the neglected rare tropical illness, Chagas disease. The company, which was headed by investor Martin Shkreli until his arrest on fraud charges in late 2015, said the FDA will accept its approach to showing safety and efficacy using data drawn from previous...

  • 01/03/2017 08:39:26

    How One Video Game Unflinchingly Tackles Racism With History And Raw Interactions

    Creators of Mafia III, set in a fictionalized Louisiana, took a documentary approach to confronting players with prejudice and bigotry of the 1960s South from the perspective of a black protagonist.

  • 12/28/2016 16:00:13

    Fortress Bio soars after reporting breakthrough with CAR-T cancer approach

    Fortress Biotech Inc. gained as much as 75% in late trading Wednesday after the company detailed a success story for an approach to cancer that has suffered of late. Fortress said a 50-year-old man suffering from a recurrent and particularly deadly form of cancer was treated with a drug developed from his own genetically modified T cells in an early clinical trial of the approach, developed by Fortress's Mustang Bio Inc. unit. The man, who had not responded to previous standard treatments, achieved complete remission and "returned to normal life and work activities," Fortress Bio said in Wednesday's news release. The drug, referred to as MB-101, is a form of CAR-T immunotherapy, which uses the patient's own immunities to fight cancer cells; the approach has generated a lot of buzz, but has been damaged by the deaths of patients in a study by Juno Therapeutics Inc. earlier this year. "This clinical experience provides remarkable evidence of the potential of CAR T cell immunotherapy to improve the treatment of patients with aggressive brain tumors," said Dr. Christine Brown, lead author of the case study, which will be published in the Dec. 29 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine. Fortress stock moved as high as $4 in late trading after closing at $2.29.Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. Visit for more information on this news.

  • 12/27/2016 05:55:52

    Global Mobile Payment Market Expected to Approach $800 Billion in 2017

  • 12/22/2016 17:20:10

    How new EU rules could affect UK charities

    The EU is introducing new rules on how charities approach people for funds. Could it lose them money?

  • 12/14/2016 04:19:45

    Trump taps former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as energy secretary

    Donald Trump has selected former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to head the Energy Department, Trump's transition team announced Wednesday morning. "As the governor of Texas, Rick Perry created a business climate that produced millions of new jobs and lower energy prices in his state, and he will bring that same approach to our entire country as secretary of energy," Trump said in a statement. Perry, a former Republican presidential candidate, once advocated for eliminating the Energy Department. Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. Visit for more information on this news.

  • 12/13/2016 11:24:58

    Oculus CEO steps down as Facebook shakes up virtual-reality efforts

    Facebook Inc. is changing its approach to virtual reality, which includes a change at the top for its VR unit, Oculus. The Facebook unit, which the social-networking giant acquired for $2 billion in 2014, will split into groups focused on personal computers and mobile, and the chief executive will step down from the top spot to lead the PC group. The Oculus Rift VR headset requires tethering to a powerful PC for its virtual worlds, but has shown off efforts toward a more mobile and wireless headset. "You do your best work when you love what you're working on. If that's not the case, you need to make a change," outgoing Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe wrote in a blog post announcing the changes. "With this new role, I can dive back into engineering and product development." A recent Oculus hire, Jon Thomason, will lead the mobile group, and Facebook Chief Technical Officer Mike Schroepfer will lead the search for a new Oculus CEO, Iribe wrote. Facebook shares were up about 3% in Tuesday afternoon trading.Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. Visit for more information on this news.

  • 12/10/2016 08:59:59

    Murdoch's new Sky bid should be probed, UK opposition politicians say

    LONDON (Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch's new takeover approach for British pay-TV firm Sky should be investigated by the UK's competition authorities, according to opposition politicians, though analysts said a deal should be easier to get through this time round.

  • 12/09/2016 09:16:55

    21st Century Fox in bid approach for Sky

    US media giant 21st Century Fox has made a takeover approach for Sky, the UK-based satellite broadcaster.

  • 12/07/2016 14:31:32

    Trump's Criticism Of Boeing Deal Signals Approach To Business

    President-elect Donald Trump has shown a willingness to browbeat American businesses to get what he wants — whether that's lower prices for the federal government or a pledge to keep jobs here in the United States. That's a departure from Republicans' traditional hands-off approach to business. But so far at least, Trump's not getting much resistance from his own party.

  • 12/06/2016 09:07:48

    How Financial Inclusion Could Add $3.7 Trillion to the Developing World

    This article was originally published by International Business Times. Delivering financial services to the developing world's unbanked people will add $3.7 trillion to the GDP of emerging economies within a decade, according to a recent report by McKinsey. Some two billion individuals and 200 million micro, small and midsize businesses in emerging economies today lack access to savings and credit, while those with access must often pay high fees for a limited range of products. Bringing about financial inclusion is a collaborative effort from the level of central banks, cooperating in mobile money systems, down to micro-finance projects providing business loans to street vendors in sub-Saharan Africa. For instance, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a dedicated team for financial inclusion and digital innovation. Kosta Peric, the Gates Foundation's deputy director of Financial Services for the Poor, said: "When I talk to banks, it's a call to action, letting them know that financial inclusion can be a profitable business. It requires a different approach and a mix of new technologies, but has huge potential both on the country side and also for profit making private entities that are looking for new markets." Peric has seen much more focus lately from governments and central banks in Africa and Asia. He also mentioned some interesting concrete examples of innovation, such as a recently launched interoperable mobile money system covering the whole of Peru and run by its central bank. Meanwhile, four mobile money providers in Tanzania have begun interoperating, and showing quite dramatic increases in volume. "These types of innovation are how we envisage our Level One Project, which is to foster the creation of a fully digital and super low cost and very scalable system that also interconnects with what already exists," said Peric. An example of what he means is clearing and settlement between different providers. At best you can expect things to be settled the next business day. "So this doesn't work," said Peric. "In a digital system that is focused on the needs of financial inclusion and poor people it needs to be real time and irrevocable. We have looked at ways to make it almost real time or as close as possible. "This reduces risk in the system. These providers could be non-banks and under the regulatory regimes of most countries they would be subject to risk controls, to prevent one of them from failing by owing too much money to others." There are potential solutions here inspired by blockchain design and innovations like Ripple's Interledger Protocol to connect various financial ledgers, noted Peric. He also said to reach a goal of 80 percent financial inclusion means crowding the market with more players who are closer to customers in rural areas or the specific populations like farmers. "These are not banks so it's important that the system implements controls of risk management and fraud management, because these new players are not necessarily equipped as well as the banks to do this in a regulated way." 4G Capital is a fintech company that is doing pretty well providing financial services to very small businesses in rural areas across Kenya. This multi-award winning unsecured business loan provider offers a highly successful line in micro-lending, complimented by customer training for self-employed traders that lack the education opportunities or the life skills to unlock their potential. This year alone 4G Capital has scooped two impact awards, including being a finalist in the prestigious MasterCard Foundation Clients at the Centre Prize. Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, CEO, 4G Capital reels off some impressive statistics: over 80 percent repeat business; 82 percent female customers; 65 percent of all customers over a 12 month period grow their business by an average of 300 percent. "That is directly attributable to the credit we provide and also very importantly the business training we provide," he said. "For last 18 months we have had 72 percent net promoter score (NPS) which is the industry standard for kind of - would you recommend this to their friends? It's a really big deal. I think Apple is about 65 percent. Generally financial services is around 36 percent." In order to achieve these kinds of results, Hennessy-Barrett, who incidentally is also an advisor to Ethereum, has been strengthening his data strategy. He has been using simple feature phones to conduct surveys via SMS to add to his existing customer database. He said: "We are trying to make better use of our data in order to develop more predictive credit products for micro segmentation. There is a huge amount of difference between a lady selling fruit and veg in a rural market and a small household goods trader; their business cycles and their margins are very different. "We don't need to buy other people's data - frankly what we do is much purer. Our approach allows us to go into data-dark areas and come up with very strong insights based on conversations using low tech, feature phones. That allow us to reach, not just the financially excluded, but what I call the network excluded, the really marginalised. In terms of data sharing, 4G Capital's customers who want to graduate to a bank can have their credit data exported with them. "This is part of what we can give you, because actually it's not our data, it's the customer's data. "We have a platform that we want to be the go-to for business working capital across sub-Saharan Africa. And it's a platform for investors to redeploy standing pools of capital and achieve risk adjusted yield but also transformative social effects." 4G Capital is currently building out its data science and analytics capabilities. Data scientists who would like to take part in a truly innovative financial inclusion project in sub-Saharan Africa are invited to get in touch with Wayne. Newsweek and International Business Times are hosting an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Capital Markets event, taking place on March 1 and 2 2017 at the Barbican in the City of London.

  • 12/04/2016 18:25:37

    Vowing to Squeeze Businesses, Trump Has Tactics Challenged

    Economists from both ends of the political spectrum say the president-elect’s approach of berating and rewarding companies may be good political theater but ultimately ineffective.

  • 12/02/2016 15:05:23

    S&P raises Prologis's rating to 'A-' on solid performance

    S&P Global Ratings on Friday raised Prologis Inc.'s rating to A- from BBB+, citing its diversified real estate portfolio and potential for rent growth. "Prologis' financial policies have supported debt reduction, and we think this approach will continue," said S&P Global in a statement. The outlook on the rating is stable. Prologis is a real estate investment trust headquartered in San Francisco. Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. Visit for more information on this news.

  • 12/02/2016 04:24:01

    China urges U.S. to abide by WTO anti-dumping agreement

    China on Friday urged the United States to abandon a surrogate country approach it uses to calculate anti-dumping measures against Chinese exports, as a related clause in China's World Trade Organization (WTO) deal is set to expire.

  • 11/25/2016 00:48:28

    J&J makes takeover approach for Swiss drugmaker Actelion: Bloomberg

    - U.S. healthcare company Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) has approached Swiss biotechnology firm Actelion Ltd about a potential takeover, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing people it said were familiar with the matter. The report said deliberations were still at an early stage following Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) initial offer, and Actelion was working with an adviser to explore options.

  • 11/22/2016 18:20:26

    Less Defiant Trump at The Times: ‘I Hope We Can All Get Along’

    The president-elect’s push-pull approach to the news media was on display in his responses to questions about the First Amendment and Breitbart News.

  • 11/11/2016 10:48:48

    Buyout funds approach Santander and Intesa over Allfunds deal - sources

    LONDON, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Buyout firms have approached Santander Asset Management and Intesa Sanpaolo over a possible takeover of the Allfunds Bank mutual fund platform, sources told Reuters.

  • 10/27/2016 07:27:03

    Mediator: Megyn Kelly’s Pivotal Moment in a Post-Ailes Era at Fox News

    The host’s divergent approach took a different turn in her clash with Newt Gingrich and again raised the question of the channel’s future.

  • 10/26/2016 00:40:22

    Clydesdale in last-ditch bid for RBS branches

    Approach is latest twist in a seven-year process beset by delays and setbacks

  • 10/25/2016 14:14:00

    Applying A Silicon Valley Approach To Jumpstart Medical Research

    Neuroscientist Cori Bargmann is leading the new Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's $3 billion effort to cure or prevent "all diseases" by the end of this century. She talks about that daunting task.

  • 10/25/2016 08:16:35

    Meet the CFPB on Your Terms [SPONSORED]

    When it comes to regulatory compliance, nobody in today’s marketplace can afford to be passive. The CFPB’s examiners continue to focus with intense scrutiny on the vehicle finance industry, and a proactive approach is the best way to prepare for a Bureau audit. That’s why we want to help youRead More

  • 10/24/2016 02:00:00

    Middle Atlantic Secures Patent For Essex QAR Series Rack Design

    The rack is recognized for innovative quick assembly design thus saving integrators' time Middle Atlantic Products announced it has secured patent number 9,301,605 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Essex QAR Series Rack. Featuring an innovative approach to rack design that speeds up integration and assembly, the Essex QAR Series Rack enables AV contractors to focus on multiple projects during their workday. "Middle Atlantic...

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